Monday, October 11, 2010

pages 4 - Meadow Ridge Knights Cheerleading - my daughter Sharlena

Blue Gold White - MeadowRidge Knights Cheerleading.

My daughter was in cheerlearing for the local football team. I love these photos but i wish i matted the one on the bottom left to help it pop out more.

Right side of page 4 of the Cheerleading page.

I use to help coach the team. i really enjoyed watching my daughter and her friends and the other team mates as the go though the year and that doesn't just include cheerleading.

I also learned that some rub-ons don't rub on to photos well.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pages 2 and 3 - still working on the basics.

Okay here is the next page.....

My frist attempt at the basic 3 rule - too funny.

My Third Attempt is not much better....

I love my dog - notice the use of the boarder punch - that was my first attempt. i love how i did not know how to use it properly and got a line and after someone pointed it out to me - i just said "ya i know - I ment to do that" hee hee